Every Little Cry

Every little cry. That’s what I promised.
I’d answer and calm every single one.

I used to sit up and daydream about these moments.
Sleep deprived, begging you to close those eyes.
Rubbing your back.
Pacing back and forth to rock you to sleep.
Dealing with explosive diapers and the witching hour.
I begged for it all.
And here these moments are…

Those little cries warm my heart.
I thought I’d never get to hear them.
I sigh of relief and gratefulness every time you whine.
For every little opportunity to soothe you.
For every time you stir in the middle of the night.
For every laughably horrible new mom moment.
I say a silent prayer of thanks, and then laugh hysterically.
You’re really here.
You’re really ours.
It’s an amazing feeling.

You trust me to be here.
And I always will be.
For every moment, big and small.
For every celebration and every little tear.

And even though I’m dog tired.
Sipping on cold coffee.
Still in my PJs, dreaming of a hot shower.
Trying to regain sensation in my arm from holding you for the past two hours.
Watching you stir awake after I just put you down ten minutes ago. 😳
I thank God for you, Joah, and your every little cry.

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